life after death

it all happened so fast that there was absolutely no time or no way to prepare for this. sorrow so heavy, that it doesn’t give warning when it’s going to strike. when it… Continue reading

My Last Tweet

“There’s no crying in 2012,” was my last tweet. I didn’t know that at approximately the same time I was typing that tweet, a call to 911 was being made. This tweet was… Continue reading


#thankful for sunny mornings that inspire me to host an impromptu pizza night, brie, walks in the rain-then deciding to take a cab, that happy feeling after being productive, and laughing at myself… Continue reading


#thankful for thoughtful friends and purdy’s dark chocolate covered almonds

recognize anyone?

This might surprise you, but I help people decide what to wear.  While this video doesn’t show me doing that, perhaps you’ll be able to spot me. haha!


#thankful for my sisters and living in a walking town.

march 25: 2 patterns #StyleMeMarch

it was pouring rain when i woke up this morning. luckily, a bit of blue sky peeked out from behind the grey clouds just in time for me to take a stroll downtown.… Continue reading


#thankful for friends who motivate/inspire me, phone calls from bank of the west, pinterest, tacos and purdy’s chocolate 🙂


#thankful for the natural beauty of creation captured on frozen planet, for a husband who likes to cook, naps & comfy clothes on a gloomy day.


thankful for the weekly round up with each sister, strolls in downtown Vancouver when it’s sunny, the view from the sea wall, and Stanley Tucci.