i’m up at 1:00AM on my 29th birthday and i’m compelled to look back at my 28th year of life.
lucky for me, most of my other friends are doing this for their own lives since the new year is less than two weeks away – we can reminisce together (probably at a decent hour).

28 was amazing.

it was a year of new beginnings, challenges, change, reunions, firsts and of course, love.

it all started on my 28th birthday celebration.  you see, 27 wasn’t a good year for me, which made me bitter and very reluctant to celebrate my birthday (which, my friends will tell you, is very out of the ordinary).  my sisters and dearest friends rallied around me and surprised me with one of the most memorable birthdays ever.  it was then that i decided to live again, to enjoy life, to not give up, and to embrace the light around me.  it was then that i decided to start over.

so, sparing you the details, here’s my 28th year in fast forward: high tea at the fairmont, christmas, new years, deed’s MBA grad party, danced in a flash-mob, long-lost love flew in to tell me he still loved me after being apart for 4 years, flights back and forth to vancouver, women’s retreat, beach weekend with wish lanterns and girlfriends, monster ball/lady gaga with bel, bel got engaged, signed up for a half marathon – a bucket list item, bruno mars concert rockin’ out to “marry you” my favorite canadian put a ring on it, california engagement party, engagement photos, vancouver engagement party, napa bachelorette, disneyland sister trip, beach house bachelorette, 3 wedding dresses, family from across the nation flew in for the wedding, got married, got maui-ed, snorkeled with the sea turtles, saw the sunrise on mt haleakala, moved to vancouver, ran in the nike women’s half marathon, spent october in california, dabbled in cooking adventures, viva-ed las vegas to celebrate nik, embraced the cold weather, expanded my flats collection, celebrated thanksgiving somewhere between canadian thanksgiving and american thanksgiving, vancouver christmas market, put up our half christmas tree, bright nights in stanley park, and spending december in california.

see, amazing.

i have a good feeling about 29 – my last year in my twenties – it HAS to be good 🙂

my birthday wish? another year of amazing.
i want you to be a part of it: if you’re up to it, i’d like you to add to my list for my next year – something you’d wish for me – a goal or challenge, and then tell me something you’d wish for yourself to do in the next year.  send it to me by text, email or just leave me a comment.

happy birthday to me!  and happy next year of amazing to you!