i should start by saying that i’m writing because i don’t want to go to sleep.  for some reason, i’ve got it in my head that 10:14pm is “early.”  here i am, with my makeup on and nowhere near getting into pajamas.  i’ve been meaning to do this for a while – 4 months to be exact.  and by this, i mean sharing moments from the most beautiful day of my life.  this is one of them:
toasts were said, cake was cut, and the hours of dancing felt like minutes.  before we knew it, our pre-selected last song of the night (journey’s “don’t stop believin'”) started playing.  it couldn’t be the end of the night already.  my canadian king and i were surrounded by a literal circle of friends who were dancing, smiling, singing along, and sharing the joy with us.  i took this moment in looking at everyone, dancing with them, singing at the top of my lungs and holding on tight “to this feeling.”  it was the beginning and the end. it was beautiful. this was only a snapshot.