When I was in high school, I watched Oprah urge viewers to keep a gratitude journal – a notebook dedicated to keeping track of what you’re thankful for daily.  She said that all you needed to do was write down 5 things in your gratitude journal before going to sleep at night, and you’d eventually find yourself happier, more content.  As a big fan of Oprah, I decided to start this gratitude thing immediately.  I’ve always loved journals and being more content wouldn’t hurt me so away I went.

For a good week or two, I’d scribble down what I was thankful for before drifting off to dreamland.  Then eventually found myself forgetting to write down my five things.  Before I knew it, I was cleaning my room only to find my GJ buried under a pile of seventeen magazines.  Once I was able to see the floor of my room again, I figured being grateful was a good thing, so I started up again…then stopped.  Then started, then stopped.  The GJ has been in cycle for a good part of my twenties and I’ve recently picked up (and dropped) the habit of being thankful daily on twitter.  I think I just about missed the month of February, but thanks to another friend in the twitterverse who tweets what she’s thankful for on the 366 day count down, I’ve tried to keep it up on a (more) regular basis.

Than I had a thought, “If I can be thankful for something each day, I should at least post it on my blog.”  And with the encouragement of D & C on blogging more often, I’m determined to write more than once a month.  (I can’t remember if Oprah said anything about blogging, but I’m sure she’d be in favor of this.)

What about you, have you started & stopped something good like me?  Or are you one of those people who keeps up the good work?  If you are, what’s your secret?  How DO you keep it going?  I’d love to hear from your corner of “the blog world” as my mom calls it.

🙂 your sweet glitterati